Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I need to Listen

Woke when mike did, trying to remember vestiges of dreams that felt like they had been going on for some time; almost got it back but then it was gone. But what I did remember was being on a street corner, colors around shades of brown, one of four people, one of them one of my daughters. Then I realized as I woke more fully; wasn't this the same image from all I could remember from yesterday morning's dream? I think I will do some dream art today, drawing this image for insight. Only other thing was mike said I kept asking him if he'd ordered some kind of food, but he couldn't remember what kind. I have a vague recollection of that, but feel more like it was some kind of ticket than food.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's not enough to keep my dream journal and a pen next to my bed. I also have to be willing to raise my cozy head from the cozy pillow and write in it. many dreams this morning as I am having some respiratory stuff and also mike had to wake up early so I kept going back to sleep, but all I have are vague images (clearest is meeting with four people outside, including one of my daughters), one of those floating phrases from drifting off last night "we will replace both her hands" (mine), and mike said I asked him "when's prom?"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Roll-out the gems

Some unseen person unrolled a dark brown or purple fake-velvety jewelry roll that had several gemstones in it, separated each from each other by at least an inch. One of them was like an amethyst geode (but small). That's the only one I remember. [Note: I had met a gemologist on the train the night before]

Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve morning images:
1) three children playing in the front yard, a game where a bean/lincoln log is placed on a moving set of reeds and when it falls off, the first to pick it up "wins." The tricky part turns out to be, though, that what "winning" means, and whether it's positive or negative, depends on who wins and what is in their mind.
2) Family waiting at Grandmama and Grandpapa's house till time to go to the family reunion, which I'm supposed to be setting up, and is going to be at an old established Italian Restaurant. The wait is taking forever, so I go to scope it out; but first the street is really hard to cross because of all the traffic, then there is smoke pouring out of the second floor of the restaurant, and a fire engine outside. I call my uncle Roy to determine whether the restaurant is on fire. We decide it is, but when I hang up and look back at it, the smoke and fire engine is gone, and all is calm.
3) I try to make a reservation at a picnic brewery to pass the time till dinner, but I keep upping the number of guests and when I get to 8 I am told No.
4) Later, I am in the restaurant: a cloud of morris dancers dances by. A bride is waiting with a cake, but it is only a representation of a cake. I think good it hasn't started yet. There are revelsy folks about. I wait by the door. A tiny girl (like Borrower-sized) is trying to ice cupcakes, laboriously, one at a time. A woman shows her how the professionals do it: lay all the cupcakes out on a sheet of colorful tissue paper, ice all the tops at one swoop, and then eat the frosting that ends up on the tissue paper. We leave her to practice. I notice a couple strange women waiting by the hostess stand. I ask if I can help them. They snottily demand seating, and when I explain that I am not the hostess, they don't care, they demand to be seated. I take one off to find the actual hostess and when I get back the other is still waiting expecting me to help her.
5) More morris dancers dance by, the little cupcake girl is sitting despondently in a corner, and a woman also sitting in the corner tells her "you're going to be a morris woman. you're a natural."

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22 2010

A Persian family takes over my home and my psyche.
deep dream this morning. i was in a house that was my house in the dream, though not one i recognize as being any house i've ever lived in. it had windows all in the front and an enclosed porch and the kitchen was in the front so that it was kitchen/porch/sidewalk-street. i'm in the kitchen and start noticing all these people gathering on the sidewalk looking up at my house. they all have dark hair and are all different ages, and ma ny different styles of dress. after a bit they start thronging up onto the porch and one knocks, so i open the door, and they immediately start entering. in a polite, friendly way, but i was still a little floored, because they hadn't waited for an invitation. they were just all coming in, and filling up my house. there was no way to stem the tide. as they filled up my kitchen, they (maybe just the women, but i think maybe the men too; there were also kids) started setting out food allover the counters and on the kitchen island i remember one thing was a dish of pitas. i wasn't sure what was what and a woman showed me she had left space in the dish for me to put some of my own food if i felt it was necessary (i was welcome and the intent was for me to share their food) but mine if i added it should be segregated so that the kids would know in case there was something in it they couldn't eat. i was trying to get a handle on this; ok, so this family has invaded my house, but they want to feed me, and they seem all very nice, but what on earth is this all about? and then the woman i'd been talking to holds up a lit candle, and everyone around her is looking at me and she says something i forget or didn't understand, but about something that is going to be happening to me/for me/from me, maybe some kind of transformation? but not to worry, because they had decided it would be in the comfort of my own home. Then she blew out the candle, and I woke up.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13 2010

Matt was staying over, had come from Europe I think. We had a large family group at the house. I couldn't wait to talk to him, but when I did, it was offhand and not looking each other in the eye. I picked up his jeans and tried them on. Alison came to stay with Carl and Max; Max was both his age now and a tiny baby. Matt picked up Max and I said these are your nephews and he, not really even listening to me, hugged Max to him so tenderly. Max (if that is who the baby was) had on one of those little baby hats. Not the first out of the hospital kind, but similar.
Then we were getting ready to go to the mall. I went into the big closet of the room Matt was staying in. It was kind of like Ruth's room, but the closet was different, bigger, in the middle of the wall, with a wood floor. there was cat litter in there, some in a box and some spilled on the floor, and i was getting ready to clean it up, and saw that something large was moving under the litter that was on the floor and got weirded out so left it alone.
We went to the mall in a big mall bus. When we got there, we all had to hop off quickly while new people got on. Grace and Ruth were with us now. And I think Mary Edith and Carol.
We went into the mall, and I followed the kids (I think Max again) to a box with cards in it that you put money in and got a card. There was a table by it with men with fancy watches. Very fancy watches. I got a card from the machine, and was startled to see it was a photo of me on it. From earlier that day or the day before. Just my right eye, top of my head, and nose were showing, and underneath it had a phrase, that I can't remember, something with the word "toast" or "toasted" in it (but i don't think with the drunk meaning of toasted). We interacted in some way with the men with watches, but I don't remember how and as we walked away I was showing someeone we were with (Mike?) the card.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dream post from fb October 4 2010

intense dreams last night, involving poor choices being transformed by a panel of elders (not sure if they were physical or spirtitual beings) into learning experiences. tribunal at the conclusion, where actions are questioned and rather than punishment, explanations in own words are expected and waited for.

interesting; i just noticed that on livejournal's homepage, which i had looked at some time before bed last night, is the following text, accompanied by a picture of a kid with his head down:
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained What is the biggest mistake of your life so far? What did you learn from it?"
Could this have led to my dream? Our brains are such mysterious lands.

i haven't read anything about near death experiences since i was a kid. a little more detail: the main character in the dream decided to steal an airplane. this choice was the catalyst and from that moment all his actions were being tracked... and possibly influenced (constrained in some way) but not chosen for him. He flew the airplane around a succession of islands, and had different experiences on each island (and no, i haven't watched lost in ages, either, and haven't even seen all of them). The only experience I clearly remember is he killed a 15 month old child. The final island was an example of how life beautiful life could be: the only thing i remember from this (and it sounds nonsensical) is that fish were fishing for themselves, which somehow made it environmentally sustainable, and that the island was very blue and lots of water (duh, it's an island; maybe the water was cleaner; i think the other islands were much desertier). Then when he was in front of the tribunal, when the elders asked him to tell of all he had done, at first he didn't mention any of the bad things, and was all brash and cavalier, but they just kept gently questioning him, until he finally came out with even the worst things. and then instead of scolding or punishing him or even telling him what he did was wrong, they just put their heads down. after a bit the mand started bawling. i was both observing and also feeling all his reactions.